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GUMMYS Discord and Waitlist Airdrop Campaign


After a careful validation of the entries (removing duplicates and frauds ) the top 5000 will receive the first NFT drop. The waitlist won’t be closed and other members will be still eligible for the second batch, the third and so on. Gummys team will keep adding new activities for earning points.


How to join.

1) Join GUMMYS Discord server by visiting the link: discord.gg/gummys

2) How to get a role

3) How to invite people and generate the invite Link

Click on “Invite People” on the #general channel and then copy your unique invite link. Please keep the default 7 days expiration setting. Please DO NOT generate permanent invitation links. As there can only be up to 1000 invitation links in a discord server, we will clean up all the permanent invitation links every day. If you cannot generate invite links, please contact an admin, they will assist you with invite link generation.

4) How to win NFT airdrops

Members with a Level 1, Level 2 and 3 role are qualified to submit their Matic Wallet address. It takes about 72 hours to transfer NFT rewards to the submitted Wallet addresses.

More information: https://gummys.medium.com/gummys-ifo-discord-airdrop-d721dcc68aaa

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