Problem and solution

Problem: The current state of the gaming industry presents a number of challenges for both gamers and game developers. Some of these challenges include:

  • Limited access to games: Gamers often have limited access to a wide range of games, making it difficult to discover new experiences and enjoy the full potential of the gaming ecosystem.

  • Limited exposure for game developers: Independent game developers often struggle to get discovered due to the dominance of large corporations in the industry.

  • Lack of control for gamers: The centralized nature of the gaming industry means that gamers often have limited control over their gaming experience.

  • Lack of interoperability: The gaming industry has historically been siloed, with little interoperability between different games, marketplaces, and platforms.

Solution: Gummys is a decentralized super app built for gamers that offers a solution to these challenges. Our mission is to build the leading Web3 game discovery protocol with tools and SDKs that make it easy to onboard and connect gamers, games, and marketplaces, creating a more open and interoperable gaming ecosystem.

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