Token Utility

BOOST VIDEOS: Users can buy temporary packages to boost their videos in the home page & other places getting more viewers.
USER TIERS: We incentivise users to lock tokens in order to earn more, Furthermore higher tiers have also other functionalities.
TIPS System: Content creators, might be tipped with small amounts of tokens for entertaining their audience or by engaging with their audience or even for charity purposes.
ADVERTISEMENT: Publishers can advertise on Gummys TV paying in $GUMMYS.
DEFI: Users will able to participate in decentralized finance activities. NFTs: Users can buy NFTs for collection or to increase their level in the platform
DAO: The ownership of the GUMMYS token allows participating to a DAO, and to receive part of the earnings in terms of social community need in a percentage proportional to the number of tokens owned. MM: Provide liquidity to DEX pool and earn trading fees