General description of the GUMMYS TV platform.
Gummys is a WEB 3.0-powered video and streaming platform with a fully operable product allowing users to generate income by creating, minting and trading tokenised media content as NFT, watching videos and more engaging actions . When interacting with the platform, the application uses its own native token (GUMMYS). A small fee is charged for each transaction made on the platform, and this fee is used to suppport the app and our ecosystem. The company manages this to keep the platform and ecosystem running smoothly.
GUMMYS TV plans to revolutionize the video & streaming service industry by providing the world's first peer-to-peer blockchain streaming service. Our founders built a blockchain-based DApp that allows everyone to interact with each other and share content.
GUMMYS provide complete privacy; no e-mail address or personal data is required. This allows complete anonymity while watching or streaming on the platform.
Instant transactions
No delay in payouts; interactions will result in instant transactions which are directly visible in your wallet.
Ownership of the content
Content creators own their own content.
Free speech
We do not ban content unless it is not compliant with our rules or it goes beyond the law.
Users are incentivized for streaming (Stream-to-Earn) or watching (Watch-to-Earn).
Low fees
Transaction fees are only 8%, making it significantly less expensive than other streaming services.